Customer Feedback

My goal for every customer project is to over-deliver. Here is what my customers are saying.

C. Helm, President, PCS Inc.

“The value that Don Baker brought to PCS is simply incalculable. Before Mr. Baker agreed to help our company last year, I would literally spend 2-3 hours a night on the telephone with my Director of Operations to discuss what equipment was ready for work and there our assets were located.

I had worked with Don 30+ years ago at a copier dealership in Northern VA and when I started my own Copier rental company, Don actually came on board for about a year. This only served to make our development conversations much easier as we began our journey to completely revolutionize our day-to-day business practices.

The application Don developed for our company now keeps track of every copier (in real time), every project whether it’s pending, confirmed, active or completed. This saves myself and my Director of Operations 2-3 hours a day, right off the bat. Additionally, we are a travel company, living out of airplanes, trucks and hotels. Don has developed a real-time application that allows not only management, but our entire staff to see what gear is where. Is it ready, does it need work, is there a problem, basically any question I would have about any of our assets, anyone of us can access online and see everything we need to see. This has simply been LIFE ALTERING and I don’t know if I could ever measure the monetary savings much less the reduction of day-to-day stress that is simply part of our business.

I only planned to hire Don at first to build this long overdue and much needed application. As we added features and really dialed this into a finely tuned workhorse, Don presented us with a way to create a working website that would benefit not only the PCS team, but all of our customers. So, off we went on this adventure, and once again, Don OVER-DELIVERED and we have merged In-House project templates that help our staff and migrated them onto the new PCS website to give our clients access to some critical firmware, driver packs and the installation process. We have an unusual business model that is 24/7 and 365 days a year. We all travel and are sometimes unreachable, so being able to safely and securely provide our clients with the tools we use, for their own benefit, well, again, this is simply immeasurable, because our clients now enjoy immediate access to anything they need to complete their network with our gear, and, they don’t even need to speak to use. Simply amazing and life changing advancements in technology are allowing us to support our clients in newer, faster ways that keep them coming back and this helps PCS own the space we work in across the country. How do you measure that?

Don Baker has single-handedly brought PCS from the Stone-Age of “Pen & Paper” and into the modern era, where “Point & Click” rules the day.
Can’t wait to see what other new technologies Don will present to the PCS team to make our lives easier and so much happier.”

Matt Stombock, Director of Operations, PCS Inc.

“Don with Bakerlabs Consulting provided PCS with an application and website that has saved us countless hours and enabled us to track our business efficiently. Inside our application, we can track the status of not only our gear, but also parts, supplies, employee schedules, and even track the maintenance on our company’s fleet vehicles. We now have a “one stop shop” where management and employees can view all this information, thus reducing phone calls/emails/texts etc.

From initial consultation to a working beta of this product took approximately a month, and we had all staff using the application within 3 months. When changes are needed or new ideas for our application come forward, Bakerlabs Consulting has been able to implement these changes expeditiously and accurately for PCS’s needs. Working with Bakerlabs Consulting for the past year has been beyond enjoyable and I would highly recommend their services to anyone that is in the market for an IT consulting firm.”